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How to buy OnePlus Phone from Canada

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OnePlus2 Killer: Lenovo ZUK Z1

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The 2014 flagship killer - the OnePlus Phone maybe the most valued phone in this year. At the price of $349 (USD), you get the similar specification and quality of other flagship phones which you need to play double or triple price.

The specifications are very impressive:

Qualcomm© Snapdragon™ 801 processor with 2.5GHz Quad-core CPUs (same as Galaxy S5)
3 GB RAM  (Galaxy S5 only has 2GB)
5.5 inch JDI1080p Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), 401 PPI
64 GB Storage
3100 mAh battery 

The build quality is also very impressive, on par with other flagship phones, like Galaxy S5.
The OS is Cyanogen which basically is the pure Android plus some cool customization features. For example, you can double-tap to wake the phone, draw a circle on the screen to invoke camera. The OS update is much faster than other big companies. OnePlus promise will upgrade to Android 5.0 within 20 days after Google.

This phone's camera is also very nice and it can take slow motion video (like iPhone 6). Another benefit is that it supports USB OTG, this means it can read/write a USB drive directly (either the USB drive with microUSB or with a OTG cable).

However, you need a invitation code to get one. If you don't have invitation code, the good news is there will be a 1 hour time on November 17 open to order. If you did not catch this window, almost every month, there will be a short time (one hour to one day) open to order. Just keep visit the One Plus site to see the notice.

On October 27 there was a first wave of pre-order and all the people I know have successfully ordered their phone (even the server was down for the first 10 minutes). Just keep trying and the order will go through.

You can click the link below to start prepare like register a account, fill in your shipping address and choose the phone and accessories. But you need to come back at November 17 (11AM to 12PM) to finish the order. For example, in December 2014, there was a one day open for order to celebrate one year anniversary.

You also need a Paypal account. If you don't have one, make sure you create one and associate with your credit card (do not need to be US Dollar credit card) before the pre-order begin.

You can order 1 or 2 phones. I suggest you order 2 (ask someone to order together with you if you only need one). This is because the shipping & handling fee is the same ($27.99) for 1 and 2 phones. You may also pay less tax and duty.

The protective case or the flip cover is recommended. The Flip Cover provides better protection than protective case and can automatically turn on/off the screen when you flip the cover. The protective case is too thin and too slippery.

Comparing with Apple's case ($55), flip cover only costs $14 (sometimes on sale). A unique bamboo cover is also available at the cost of $49.

As for the tax and duty, I know someone who ordered using invitation code paid around $60 (CAD) per phone. However, for many people ordered in the October 27 pre-ordered time, the tax and duty is much less: Only $30 (CAD) for 2 phones!

So if you ordered 2 phones and you are lucky, the total price is around $349 + $30 = $380 (USD).

The shipping company is DHL, which provide excellent and fast service. It only take one day to deliver once the phone is picked up. If nobody at home, it gives your options of delivery again or leave at the door.

Recently DHL seems correcting the real value of the phone and some people paid around $110 (CA) for two One Plus Phone (64G) for duty and tax.

You can use the following link to track the shipment:

The tax and duty can be either paid on delivery or pre-paid online through the following link:

Good luck!

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  1. It is the same, it's just to buy an extra one if you wish.

  2. 4G works with Rogers? The price will be 349+ 30(tax+ duty) + 27.99( shipping+ handling)=407 usd ?

    1. It works with Rogers LTE.
      Yes, that's the price, but if you buy 2 the shipping, tax and duty are same, this means cut half of the fees

    2. Thank you Andy, I Pre-ordered one today. $382.08 usd with shipping, case... I hope I can get it about 470 cad.

      Thanks for your info

  3. Hi Andy,

    So if I'm able to get the phone through the monthly pre-order time that OnePlus has now. The price for the tax and duty of $30 would still be $30 for 2 or more OnePlus phones? And with the shipping + handling being the same at $27.99

    1. Now DHL charges more. Around 60 CAD per phone

    2. Now DHL charges more. Around 60 CAD per phone

  4. Hi Andy,

    I tried ordering a phone, but I get this message:

    "Sorry, currently we cannot ship to this address."

    Do you have any idea on how to fix this?

    Thank You.

  5. I also can't order the phone in Canada anymore. The Canada part of is gone.

    1. ive been waiting for a few weeks now
      hope they make it available again soon
      if shipping to canada is available again there should be a canadian flag be shown on this site
      so simply check every couple of days

  6. i want order phone i tried but i couldn't get .

  7. I had the same problem, "Sorry, currently we cannot ship to this address". Got an email from OnePlus Support about a week later. Apparently duty and shipping fees were through the roof and Canadian customers were giving a lot of bad feedback, so they took the Great White North off of the shipping list. Doubtful that we'll ever be able to get this phone shipped here again.

    If anyone hears otherwise I'd love to hear it.


  8. i have another browser window open at this very second, ready to buy the 1+1 and THIS is how i have to learn this terrible news.......