Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Free North America Long Distance Call From Your Smart Phone

We all know you an use Google Hangout to make free long distance call on a computer (need to install Hangout plug-in). But it is still not convenient to make phone all using a computer.

Recently Google introduces Hangout Dialer which you can make free long distance call to most phone numbers in North America. Making phone calls to other countries are not free but the rate is very cheap (for example, 1 cent per minute to China) .

Download Link (Android )

For iPhone, you only need to install Google Hangouts, it already includes the dialer.

Can you also use Hangout to receive calls? The answer is yes. Go to Google Voice to apply a US phone number and then choose  Ring Hangouts for incoming phone calls made to your Google Voice number in Hangout。
Note that you need a real US phone number to get a Google Voice phone number to pass the verification. 

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