Monday, June 18, 2012

How to fix the iPad/iPhone Game Center or In-App Purchase Sandbox problem (This is not a Test User account error)

If you jailbreak your iPad or iPhone (like the latest iOS5.1.1), when you do in-app purchases (like subscribe or restore the purchase of the National Geographic Kids), you may get an annoying error message:

This is not a Test User account.
Please create a new account in the Sandbox environment. [Environment: Sandbox]

Then the purchase will fail.
Game Center also has Sandbox problem. Once you log in using your Game Center account, you will see a red "Sandbox" label on top of the Me icon in Game Center. Once this red "Sanbox" label appears, all your Game Center friends are gone. For example, you can no longer visit your friends in the popular Dragonvale game.

After searching the Internet and tried many different ways to fix, finally I found a way which completely fix the problem. Following is the the detail steps:

1. After the jailbreak, a app called Cyndia should already installed on your iPad or iPhone.

2. Open Cyndia, select "Sources" tab, click on Edit button at top-right corner and then click the Add button at top-left corner. Add the following resource:

3. Select "Search" tab, and search "AppSync". Select the corresponding version and install. For example, if you iPad is iOS5.1.1, choose AppSync for iOS5.x+.
After install is done, you can select Restart Springboard.

4. Search "Installous" and select Installous 5 and install. After install is done, you can select Restart Springboard.

5. Restart your iPad or iPhone.

6. Try the games and application which have the Sandbox problem. The annoying Sanbox problem should been fixed.
If the problem still there, you can uninstall and re-install these games or applications and the problem should be solved.

Enjoy your Sandbox free iPad or iPhone!

As a bonus, the Installous app you installed at step 4 has lots of free apps and games.


  1. it works!!! thank u so much
    Just updated to 5.1.1 and jailbroke my ipod
    finally fixed YAY!!!

  2. wait a min
    I got another problem
    I have to sign in the game from game center
    If I start the game, it cant connect to game center itself
    how to fix that?

  3. I don't have this problem (DragonVale). It may be specific to the game. What's the game you have problem?

    1. I reinstalled my metalstorm
      it has been fixed now
      let me check other games

    2. virtual table tennis also works
      I will try to reinstall those cracked games
      thank u for posting the method!

    3. I have been bugged by the same problem for a while and my kids are mad at me since they can not visit their friends on DragonVale. I did extensive search and finally find the fix. Glad it can help.

    4. my fruit ninja works too!! it's cracked app
      I backed up the ipa file with ifunbox
      I did extensive search but could not find one for 5.1.1
      thank u so much

  4. it doesnt work the game is gangstar rio


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