Saturday, May 24, 2014

Lenovo Canada Laptop Price Error

Guess what are your co-workers doing on Friday afternoon (May 23, 2014)? Most likely they are busying to order a IdeaPad Y410p for a amazing price of $279. This is unbelievable since it has i7 CPU, 8G Memory, 1T hard drive and JBL speaker. Just the i7 CPU alone worths more than $300.

The normal price is $1279. It is a price error since it applies the $500 promotion twice.

Here is the order confirmation

QtyPart no.DescriptionStatusPriceTotal
159392489Lenovo Y410p Laptop - 59392489 - Dusk Bl
-System details
Environmental Handling Fee$1.30
Tax (G.S.T./H.S.T.)$36.44
Tax (P.S.T./Q.S.T.)$0.00

It take almost 24 hours for Lenovo to fix this problem. If you visits the same price again, the price back to $789:

For customers who ordered, they will get a cancellation email like the following:

o:    &nbsp 
Re:    Lenovo Order 4243693623

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your recent Lenovo purchase. Due to a pricing error on our website, we will have to cancel your order. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused, and would like to help you place a new order.

We invite you to visit our website at or speak with a Product Specialist at 1-855-253-6686 opt1, opt1 as we have updated all current pricing and configurations.

Thank you for your time and patience. We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Lenovo Customer Service

But according to many customers, the order number in the email does not match their order numbers. What can you do right, Lenovo?

Be honestly, I do not expect I can get the 3 laptops I ordered, but at least I would expect some gift cards (like last time the famous $49 Bomber Jacket from Marks Warehouse, I got $10 gift card for the cancellation of the order).

List of the events
-Lenovo advertised several laptops in a doorcrasher sale
-The deal was posted on RFD
-The deal was available through the WorkPerks and Perkopolis portals and the main website.
-Thousands of people purchased the Y410P laptop for $279
-Lenovo commented on Twitter about the issue in the early morning
-Lenovo sent out cancellation emails, some with wrong order numbers, around noon
-Email claimed that the pricing had been fixed but it was still the same
-Email asked people to make a new order
-Thousands more people ordered laptops
-The issue was taken down from the main website and the Perkopolis portal
-The hashtag #lenovosucks started trending on Twitter as consumers started fighting back
-Lenovo finally fixed the issue late Friday
-Most have been charged for the orders even after receiving the cancellation emails
-Most orders are stuck at "Released for Manufacturing"
-Rumor is that Lenovo sold 1.6 million laptops (highly unlikely but they did sell a lot)
-Rumor is that Lenovo had to put together a special team just to deal with this issue
-Lenovo is staying quite but it supposed to comment on the issue on Monday or Tuesday
-People are complaining to the Competition Bureau and other consumer protection agency's 
-RFD moderator had to lock thread to delete troll posts

Currently, more and more people are get angry at Lenovo, see the discussion below:

Reddit Canada


What you can do:
E-mail to complain. Your email will open a formal case file for your complaint and order.

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