Friday, November 14, 2014

Tips on how to use OnePlus One Phone (3)

Slow Motion Video

Do you know OnePlus can take slow motion video like iPhone 6? The interface for slow motion is not as easy as iPhone but once you know how to do it, it is no hard.

First, you can choose the Size. If you choose 1080p, the Slow Motion can only provide 60FPS, which may not be smooth enough. So I recommend choosing 720p as the Size and then choose 120FPS for Slow Motion.

One this is done. All the videos you taken will be slow motion video. If you want to switch back to normal video, you need to go back to the same setting place and turn off the Slow Motion.

Quiet Hours

Want to automatically turn off the sound for all the notifications and phone calls during sleep time? You can use the Quiet Hours feature to achieve that. 

Go to Settings, Sound, Quiet hours, choose when the quiet time time range and what to turn off during that time. 

Note that the QUIET HOURS title in the Quick Setting Panel is not equivalent to Enforce quiet hours in Quiet hours settings.  If you enable QUIET HOURS tile, it will enforce quiet hours right away and ignore the schedule. This means even current time is not quiet hours, the sound and light will be turned off always. So do not turn on QUIET HOURS tile if you still want to receive notification light and sound. 


You can define multiple profiles, each profile can defines a list of actions like turn off GPS, Bluetooth, Sync, NFC, Notification. For each profile you can manually choose or triggered automatically through NFC tag, Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth connection. 

For example, you can define a Home profile and remove Lock screen mode. Then define the home Wi-Fi network as the trigger. So once you are in home (connected to home Wi-Fi), you no longer need to unlock the screen. Similarly, you can define a Work profile triggered by Wi-Fi network of your company and set sound of all notifications to off. 

Another example, is create a Automobile profile and triggered by connecting to the Bluetooth on you car. The Automobile profile defines GPS enabled so that you can use it to navigate. 

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