Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Canadian can buy Google Nexus 7 Tablet for $209

Very good price. Very good screen. Very good battery time. The best part is, it comes from Google and it always get the latest Android (currently the first one to have Andorid 4.1 Jellybean)

Shipping is not free though ($19.99) but Google gives you $25 Google Play credit. Also, you can not use AMEX credit card (why Google?).

More: If you have friends in US, you can order through MacMall, which has free shipping.

Google Galaxy Nexus Price Reduced to $349

A while ago, Google directly sales Galaxy Nexus for already attractive price of $399 at US Goolge Play store.  Now the price is reduced to $349. It is amazing price for a high end smart phone, especially it comes from Google (always get the Android update first).
Since this is for US Goolge Play store, Canadian can not even see the phone if you directly visit Goolge Play.
You need to use the following proxy link to see the order page:

After proxy link page is open, type "" in the text box and select "Proxy Now".
On the US Google Play store, click on "Devices" and you will find Google Nexus.

Still you can not order it. You need a credit card with US billing address and a US shipping address. So you need to ask you friends in US to order it for you.

Latest: Google Galaxy on Google Play is not available right now because of Apple's lawsuit ban. But Google is working on a software workaround and hope it will "Coming Soon" as displayed.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Easily Unlock Sumsung Galaxy S & Galaxy S II

If your phone contract is expired and you want to switch to a different phone company. You can not bring your old phone to new company because the phone is locked. Just replace the SIM card won't work, you need to unlock the phone.
If you ask the old phone company to unlock the phone for you (they just give you a code), they may charge you up to $75 dollars!

Fortunately, there is a easy way for you to unlock the phone by yourself for free. For Galaxy S and Galaxy SII, if the phone is rooted, you just need to install a free app from Google Play:

If your phone is not rooted, you can find a way to root it by Google. I followed the following steps to installed lasted 2.3.6 Value Package for my Galaxy S(i9000m from Bell & Virgin Mobile Canada) and unroot the phone.

First try the first step (See Sim Unlock Code). If you are lucky to get your unlock code, the rest is simple, just replace with the new SIM card and restart your phone, the phone will prompt you to input the code.

If you are not lucky and there is no unlock code returned, don't panic, you can continue with Step 1& 2. This happens to me. For some reason, this step does not give me any unlock code for my Galaxy S
Step 1 (Save actual Efs Folder) just back you files.
Step 2 will unlock the phone directly (no need to input the unlock code). Then the phone will automatically restart.

After restart, your phone should be unlocked. Plug-in other phone company's SIM card and make a phone call to see if it works.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Microsoft Surface - the Tablet for Work

Finally there is a tablet for serious work (other tablets and iPad are really for home playing use). It is really cool.

  • Smart cover with keyboard and touch pad
  • Run Microsoft Office and other Windows applications
  • USB3.0, microSD, HDMI out put and Pen
  • Powerful Intel i5 CPU
  • Build in support (not using Smart cover)

I really want to buy one as long as price (not announce yet) is...

Monday, June 18, 2012

How to fix the iPad/iPhone Game Center or In-App Purchase Sandbox problem (This is not a Test User account error)

If you jailbreak your iPad or iPhone (like the latest iOS5.1.1), when you do in-app purchases (like subscribe or restore the purchase of the National Geographic Kids), you may get an annoying error message:

This is not a Test User account.
Please create a new account in the Sandbox environment. [Environment: Sandbox]

Then the purchase will fail.
Game Center also has Sandbox problem. Once you log in using your Game Center account, you will see a red "Sandbox" label on top of the Me icon in Game Center. Once this red "Sanbox" label appears, all your Game Center friends are gone. For example, you can no longer visit your friends in the popular Dragonvale game.

After searching the Internet and tried many different ways to fix, finally I found a way which completely fix the problem. Following is the the detail steps:

1. After the jailbreak, a app called Cyndia should already installed on your iPad or iPhone.

2. Open Cyndia, select "Sources" tab, click on Edit button at top-right corner and then click the Add button at top-left corner. Add the following resource:

3. Select "Search" tab, and search "AppSync". Select the corresponding version and install. For example, if you iPad is iOS5.1.1, choose AppSync for iOS5.x+.
After install is done, you can select Restart Springboard.

4. Search "Installous" and select Installous 5 and install. After install is done, you can select Restart Springboard.

5. Restart your iPad or iPhone.

6. Try the games and application which have the Sandbox problem. The annoying Sanbox problem should been fixed.
If the problem still there, you can uninstall and re-install these games or applications and the problem should be solved.

Enjoy your Sandbox free iPad or iPhone!

As a bonus, the Installous app you installed at step 4 has lots of free apps and games.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Relic finally announces Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes is a real-time strategy video PC game developed by Relic Entertainment. It is regarded as the highest rated strategy game of all-time. It is also my favorite game on PC. If you like the classic Red

Alert, you will like Company of Heroes. It's visual effect and sound is amazing.
Company of Heroes was released on September 12, 2006. The second edition, Opposing Fronts, was released on September 25, 2007. The third edition, Tales of Valor was released in April 2009. After that, no new release for more than three years.
Now, finally the good news: Command of Heroes 2 will be delivered in early 2013, with the introduction of Soviet Red Army.Before, players can only play US, British and Germany armies. It is also excepted to have better special effect with the new game engine, especially with the snow-filled fields of the Eastern Front.

I can not wait...

Friday, June 15, 2012

Watch Euro 2012 Soccer on iPad for Free

Euro 2012 Foot Championship is most hot sports right now in the world. However for people do not subscribe to the Cable TV (like me), it is not easy to find the game video, especially the goals videos. Please click the following picture for the link to the iTune:

Fortunately, UEFA provides a free app on both iOS and Android platform. Seems like iPad version is the best since all the game videos are free to watch. On Android version, you need to pay,  It have everything you need. Live updates, player profiles, news alerts from favurite team...
The coolest feature is you can watch the goal video from multiple angles from 15 video cameras. Simple click on the camera icon, you can watch the goal from top, back, left, right, over and over again.
It seems you can only watch this from the Euro 2012 app. I can not find these goal videos from the official UEFA's EURO site.