Monday, June 25, 2012

Easily Unlock Sumsung Galaxy S & Galaxy S II

If your phone contract is expired and you want to switch to a different phone company. You can not bring your old phone to new company because the phone is locked. Just replace the SIM card won't work, you need to unlock the phone.
If you ask the old phone company to unlock the phone for you (they just give you a code), they may charge you up to $75 dollars!

Fortunately, there is a easy way for you to unlock the phone by yourself for free. For Galaxy S and Galaxy SII, if the phone is rooted, you just need to install a free app from Google Play:

If your phone is not rooted, you can find a way to root it by Google. I followed the following steps to installed lasted 2.3.6 Value Package for my Galaxy S(i9000m from Bell & Virgin Mobile Canada) and unroot the phone.

First try the first step (See Sim Unlock Code). If you are lucky to get your unlock code, the rest is simple, just replace with the new SIM card and restart your phone, the phone will prompt you to input the code.

If you are not lucky and there is no unlock code returned, don't panic, you can continue with Step 1& 2. This happens to me. For some reason, this step does not give me any unlock code for my Galaxy S
Step 1 (Save actual Efs Folder) just back you files.
Step 2 will unlock the phone directly (no need to input the unlock code). Then the phone will automatically restart.

After restart, your phone should be unlocked. Plug-in other phone company's SIM card and make a phone call to see if it works.


  1. Good Post!!I believe that unlocking using codes is easy and also safe!!! I unlocked my Samsung galaxy s at ,here they offered perfect codes at reasonable price!!

  2. Hey will it work with my new Samsung Galaxy S3 which is locked to vodafone? I just want to get rid of vodafone firmware...

    HTC Desire S