Thursday, August 6, 2015

Fitbit Flex Killer: MiBand Smart wristband for $ 10 + Free Shipping

Now you can buy Xiaomi product outside of China and the price is very cheap. Such as Xiaomi MiBand wristband is USD 10 , free shipping.  You can use credit card or Paypal, you can choose to pay in Canadian dollars or US dollars. I've bought

Millet and Fitbit Flex wristband bracelet similar, but there are more notifications (telephone, SMS, ring vibration), and the battery can last 50 days (Fitbit only lasts 5 days).

Xiaomi MiBand USD 10

Xiaomi Action Camera only costs USD 67, CAD 84, and the similar GoPro costs 300+.

Free Shipping + UP to 67% OFF: Xiaomi Brand Special Collection