Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Google Galaxy Nexus Price Reduced to $349

A while ago, Google directly sales Galaxy Nexus for already attractive price of $399 at US Goolge Play store.  Now the price is reduced to $349. It is amazing price for a high end smart phone, especially it comes from Google (always get the Android update first).
Since this is for US Goolge Play store, Canadian can not even see the phone if you directly visit Goolge Play.
You need to use the following proxy link to see the order page:

After proxy link page is open, type "" in the text box and select "Proxy Now".
On the US Google Play store, click on "Devices" and you will find Google Nexus.

Still you can not order it. You need a credit card with US billing address and a US shipping address. So you need to ask you friends in US to order it for you.

Latest: Google Galaxy on Google Play is not available right now because of Apple's lawsuit ban. But Google is working on a software workaround and hope it will "Coming Soon" as displayed.


  1. you sure you can't use canadian card with US billing and shipping adress?