Friday, June 15, 2012

Watch Euro 2012 Soccer on iPad for Free

Euro 2012 Foot Championship is most hot sports right now in the world. However for people do not subscribe to the Cable TV (like me), it is not easy to find the game video, especially the goals videos. Please click the following picture for the link to the iTune:

Fortunately, UEFA provides a free app on both iOS and Android platform. Seems like iPad version is the best since all the game videos are free to watch. On Android version, you need to pay,  It have everything you need. Live updates, player profiles, news alerts from favurite team...
The coolest feature is you can watch the goal video from multiple angles from 15 video cameras. Simple click on the camera icon, you can watch the goal from top, back, left, right, over and over again.
It seems you can only watch this from the Euro 2012 app. I can not find these goal videos from the official UEFA's EURO site.

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