Thursday, May 3, 2012

How to Automatically Push Android Photos to Desktop

When iCloud is introduced, Apple brags about the Photo Stream Feature. Basically, the photos taken by iPhone can automatically appear on your other iOS device and Desktops (PC or Mac).

Actually, Google Android can achieve the same function through Google+ Instant Upload and Picasa Sync to Web.

Here is how to do that:
First, install Google+ on your Android phone .

Open Google+, Click on Photos, then press on Menu key and select Settings.
Check Turn on Instant Upload. You can also set when to upload photos (like WiFi only).

Now, every time you take a photo using your Android phone, the photo will be automatically uploaded to Google+ Instant Upload album.

To automatically push to photo from Google+ Instant Upload album to your PC or Mac, you need to install Google Picasa.
Open Picasa, Select File > Import from Google+ Photos.
Select Instant Upload Album to import
After import is finish, you can find the album under Instant Upload
Select the Instant Upload album, then switch the Sync to Web on.
You are done! The sync process may take a while.
The best part is: the changes you made to the photos (like add Caption, Comments) in Picasa will be automatically sync to Google+ Instant Upload Album too. The other way works too (Changes made in Google+ Instant Upload Album sync to Picasa).
If you do not want to wait the sync happens automatically, you can right click on Instant Upload album in your Picasa and select Online Actions > Refresh Online Status
If you want to have a look at where the photos are stored on your desktop, you can right click on the Instant Upload album and select Locate on Disk.


  1. thanks for sharing..

  2. Have just got my first smart phone and really appreciated these instructions. Anything that can prevent double handling has got to be a good thing! THANKS

  3. Sweet just what I was looking for.

  4. That worked for me as well until two days ago. Suddenly there are two instant upload folders in my webalbums. Also the new instant upload folder contains seperate albums sorted by date that the pics were taken. The Picasa desktop client does not seem to recognize the new album. So it does not sync the pics anymore. Do you have any ideas what I can do?

  5. How about syncing both the albums. Instant Upload creates a new folder whenever there is any change in the storage like instead of internal memory now SD card is used or if pics are reaching 500+ number.

  6. it only syncs the current day. which means i would have to go in daily to do the sync. don't got time for that. ugh! wish they would just bring the old way back.

  7. This doesn't seem to work so well any more, the auto-backup or instant upload thing doesn't put everything into one album any more. I don't think it will automatically detect new albums and sync :-(

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  9. You might want to remove above spam message too ;)

  10. This still works (now it's called Auto-Backup), thanks you!

    I do really, really hope Google will introduce automatic syncing with Drive because this is extremely tedious.