Monday, April 23, 2012

Grab your 25G free SkyDrive space before it is gone

With Google to introduce the Google Drive this week (maybe tomorrow),  Microsoft is decreasing its SkyDrive free offer  from 25G to 7G. Maybe Microsoft thinks 7G is enough to bid Google (5G), Apple (5G) and Dropbox (2G).

However, if you already have an Windows Live account (or Hotmail account), you can upgrade your account to 25G for free.  But this is only for a limited time! So hurry.
You just need to go to, log in and click on the banner which says upgrade to 25G for free.

Since I already clicked on the banner, the above screen capture does not show the banner anymore. But you will see it at the position of the red rectangle.

I used to use SkyDrive once long time ago. Then I switched to Dropbox because Dropbox can sync to your folders while SkyDrive only has Web interface. Recently, Microsoft introduces the same features as Dropbox. It also has Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad client, but no Android (Now you know who is Microsoft's real enemy). In other word, it is same as Dropbox but offers bigger space.
Following image shows the SkyDrive now also have sync folder on your PC.

If you are not familiar with SkyDrive, here has a video:

Google drive will also offer the same functions as Dropbox and tight integration with Google Docs, Picasa and Google+. Can Dropbox survive under the pressure from both Google and Microsoft?

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