Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dell Voice - Free Local Phone Number & Calls

You may know Skype or Free Phone Line, but have you heard Dell also provide similar service. I think it is better than Skype and Free Phone Line.

  • You can get a free local phone number and receive calls for free
In 905 area, you will get area code 289 ( I think 905 is used out). But you can port your existing number.
Skype does not provide phone number in Canada. Even it provides, it is not free.
  • You can make free phone call from Android or iPhone to Canada phone number. 
You need to install Dell Voice app on your phone.

  • Call international phone number with low rate fee
US: 0.02cents, China: 0.02cents

  • You can use VoIP device with Dell Voice in home.
Need to pay $50 onece to get the Unlock key.

Of course, You need data connection: Wi-Fi or 3G/4G .