Monday, October 29, 2012

Google Nexus 4 vs iPhone 5

Wow, $299? I can not believe the amazing price. Compare with the $699 iPhone 5, Nexus 4 has less than half of the price and better specification. The new Android 4.2 is on par with the iOS6 regarding the smoothness but with more features. iPhone 5 is in serious trouble now.

Let's compare in detail:
iPhone 5 - 4.0 inches 1136 x 640 pixel resolution (326 ppi)
Nexus 4  - 4.7 inches 1280 x 768 pixel resolution (320 ppi) - Winner


Nexus 4's screen has higher resolution and almost same ppi as the iPhone 5's retina display but the display size is much bigger. Nexus 4 uses IPS screen instead of the Super AMOLED screen used by Galaxy Nexus. This is considered as an improvement consider the pentile issue of AMOLED screen. Since LG (the maker of Nexus 4) also produces the screen for iPhone 5, I guess the display quality is similar too. Bigger screen definitely is a plus.

iPhone 5 - Apple A6   1.2GHz dual-core
Nexus 4  - Qualcomm 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdradon S4 Pro - Winner
Quad-core vs dual core, 1.5GHz vs 1.2GHz. Nothing needs to say. Nexus 4 beats iPhone 5. 

iPhone 5 - 1G
Nexus 4  - 2G - Winner
RAM is important for performance since it allows running more applications at the same time.

iPhone 5 - Not supported
Nexus 4  - Supported - Winner
NFC is becoming more and more important.

Wireless Charging
iPhone 5 - Not supported
Nexus 4  - Supported - Winner

Although you need to buy charger separately, wireless charging is a really cool feature. 

iPhone 5 - 16G/32G/64G ($699/$799/$899) - Winner
Nexus 4  - 8G/16G  ($299/$349)
iPhone 5 provides more options and bigger storage choice but much more expensive. For the same 16G storage, Nexus 4 is only half of the iPhone 5's price ($349 vs. $699). With many free cloud storage options, the local storage is not really that important. Also, it is likely that Google will add a 32G option for the same price of 16G and discontinue the 8G option in near future (similar to what they just did on Nexus 7).

HDMI Support
iPhone 5 - No HDMI output
Nexus 4  - Slim Port HDMI - Winner
HDMI port allows you to display the content of your phone on TV. This is a useful feature if you want to show you phone to big crowd.
iPhone 5 may provides HDMI adapter cable for Lighting port but it is sure to be pretty expensive (more than $30).

Wireless TV Display
iPhone 5 - Airplay
Nexus 4  - Miracast - Winner
Both technologies allows you stream video and audio to TVs. But Miracast is industry standard and   Smart TVs will soon have build-in support for Miracast. Considering LG and Google's another partner Sumsung are two of the main Smart TV producers, it is not surprising. 
Apple Air Play is not industry standard and requires you have the Apple TV (which costs around 100 bucks). 

iPhone 5 - 1440mAh
Nexus 4  - 2100mAh
Although Nexus 4 has bigger battery, it also has a bigger screen. Considering Apple is good at battery technology, it is hard to say who is the winner in terms of usage time and standby time for now. I am sure there will be comparison test soon.
Both phone can not change battery. This is surprise for Nexus 4 since all previous Nexus phones can change battery.

iPhone 5 - 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm - Winner
Nexus 4  - 133.9 x 68.7 x 9.1 mm
iPhone 5 is smaller and thinner than Nexus 4.

iPhone 5 - 112g - Winner
Nexus 4  - 139g
iPhone 5 is lighter than Nexus 4 but considering the Nexus 4 has much bigger screen. The difference is not that big.

Data Connection
iPhone 5 - LTE - Winner
Nexus 4  - 3G and HSPA+
Although LTE is faster, but it also drain battery faster. That's the reason why Nexus 4 does not support LTE. For me, the 3G speed is enough considering my limited data plan. If using LTE, the data of one month can be used out in minutes.

iPhone 5 - iOS 6
Nexus 4  - Android 4.2 - Winner
Android 4.2 provides many exciting improvements, including lock screen widget (iOS does not even has home screen wdiget), multi-user support (for tablet), gesture typing. Not mention much better Map application. The Google Now is also enhanced and will automatically notify you about your package tracking information, public transit and flight information.
In terms of smoothness of the user interface, Android already catches up with Android 4.1.
Watch the following video will convince you why Android 4.2 is better than iOS6.

iPhone 5 - App Store - Winner
Nexus 4  - Google Play
Apple's App Store still has more applications than Google Play but the gap is becoming smaller. For normal user, commonly used apps most likely can be found in both stores. Who cares Appstore has 900k vs 700k in Google Play?

iPhone 5 - $699 (16G), $799 (32G), $899 (64G)
Nexus 4  - $299 (8G), $349 (16G)  - Big Winner
All I can say is Apple is too greedy. Poor Apple fans.

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