Friday, March 9, 2012

Solve Internet Cable Intermittent Disconnection Problem

The intermittent disconnection happens several times a day. Each time, the internet connection is down for several minutes and then comeback without doing anything. I can see the Upstream, Downstream and Online lights flash during the down time. 

This problem happens several months ago. Before that it is never disconnected. I suspect there maybe some server software update on Rogers side which makes the firmware of the modem not fully compatible.

After 7 calls and couple of months, TekSavvy finally agrees it is Cable Modem firmware problem and replaced me with a new one. It is good that I bought the modem from TekSavvy. The modem I used is Thomson DCM475. The new one has firmware STAC.02.16. The old one is STAC.02.8.

After the replacement, the internet connection never get disconnected for a whole week.

Two thins I do not understand:
1. Why it is so hard to replace the modem since TekSavvy knows it is cable modem firmware issue.
2. Why user can not upgrade the firmware themselves. This save both the Cable company and customers lots of times and costs.

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